Moment: a period of time too brief to be disengaged ,
but long enough to breed as it goes on...

I looked to see so many of my moments were not photographed,
I took a journey to them all.

No one has been left in those moments, time passes
Although everyone still stays in the memories.

My moments could not be played this time with all their actors gone to
other moments;
and so they became pictures
You know how moments change

My mind,
is courageous enough to face them with all they are
sometimes weak wanting to forget,
content enough to not even want to touch some...

I want to hold them all; have no intention of diminish life
Hence I follow moments.

These are the moments 'lived', for now. Cant tell where they will shade off...
Who knows, maybe my moments will touch yours, how beautiful that would be
Come on, reminisce the moment!

Murathan Özbek